Buyers Save 90% on time and 30% on pricing using Coverly.


Discover Pricing Online

  • Eliminate Quotes and save time by Discovering and Ordering products from our integrated suppliers.
  • Only pay retail pricing or get access to deals and sale pricing.

Shop like a Pro

  • Your users will love using our system, shop using a cart, approve orders and have our suppliers fulfil.
  • We keep your staff and customers in the loop throughout the process.
  • Get the goods delivered to your customer in record time or have them collect at their convenience.

Integrated Suppliers First

  • We aggregate the best suppliers already and integrate them with our platform to allow you to scale as needed.
  • No need to build or buy your own systems or teams.

Pay, Recon and Comply

  • All transactions and invoices from suppliers are saved to a central location.
  • We also make it clear what you owe to which suppliers and by when, so you can pay on time and keep suppliers happy.

Suppliers Make More Money

  • Increase your sales with direct orders from the best Insurers.
  • We distribute orders equally between all suppliers, so you never need to worry about not getting orders.
  • Upload your product data easily using your existing Shopify, WooCommerce , or use our interface to manage your products easily.
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Easy Integrations

We offer Insurers easy integration to search products and create orders directly from their own platform using our REST API and for suppliers we offer Shopify, Woocommerce integration to manage products feeds and orders.

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Made for Enterprises

We’ve built our platform with enterprise security and scaling in mind, be sure that you can use your own identity management as well as scale and manage your data as you require.


Build your own marketplace and offer it to your brokers, loss adjusters, assessors, staff customers or agencies.

Supplier Platform

Onboard and vet your own suppliers and run your platform how you want it.


Integrate with your claims administration systems easily as well and scale up to the next level.

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Join the lucky few who have already signed up for our beta programm. Our suppliers provide you pricing and let you know what stock is available online.

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